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German, Russian and British Intelligence and the greatest conspiracy theories in history of Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia and Poland.

Part 1 - Intelligence. Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia. Bolshevik Revolution 1917. Key note.

Part 2 - Intelligence. Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia. Bolshevik Revolution 1917. Key note.

Espionage and intelligence in Russia 1772, 1914, 1917, 1937, 1989.

Appendix B 

Many families with the Fox coat of arms proper and diverse (Mzura either Orzy or Strzempacz) lived in Belorussia (the Grand duchy of Lithuania) as early as XV cent. (Fox arms in Poland, 1058); below the first full list:


1. Korzeniewski 1410; they derived from Korzeniowski family with Fox arms (Kosciesza arms according to Piekosinski)  from the Brest province; the house distinguished in the Vicebsk province, the Polack province and Livonia since the beginning of the 18th cent.;  the Korzeniewski house possessed village Usa (Usza or Staraja Usha) near by Kaluzyn, and also in the Minsk government they possessed:  Piorunov(y) Most together with Nieciejewski family, Krasny Brzeg and Hajdukowa Sloboda; Korzeniewski Jerzy + Konstancja nee  Jablonski  from the Mscislau province were owners of Jurkowszczyzna farm in 1766; they verified themselves in Hrodna in 1835  

2. Suwigajlo 1410 

3. nobilis Sungail (= Sangaylo or Sanigaylo and Sungaylo) 1413; Jan Sunigajla from Belorussia in 1434; Songajlo lived out in the Pruzany area since 1840 

the Fox. History and genealogy of the Constantinovich family with relatives: Troubetzkoy, Radziwill, Piottuch-Kublicki, Sedykh from Kazan, Soltan, Oginski, Paszkowski and Kalinowski from Cracow, Zbieranowski, Zarako-Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Armand in Moscow and Petersburg, Gernet from Estonia, Bakst, Demonet or De Monet, Dizeren, Azbelev, Holynski of 18th cent., Bagration-Gruzinski and Mukhrani from Sakartvelo-Georgia.  The Baltic German families in Estonia: von Gernet, Rehbinder, Toll, Croy, Weiss

4. Swirski (Swierski 1283 at Lithuania - related to Siesiski family) or Siewierski; Roman Swirski 1431 the Fox coat of arms  (with own variety of coat armour Fox also in 1433); Kryk or Eryk Swirski from Belorussia in 1434; they were from ancestry Sunigajla; Swirski and  Wankowicz had identical coat armour  

5. Iwan Siemionowicz from Belorussia in 1431  

6. Semen Sopiha lived in 1440 but the Fox coat of arms for the family Sapieha A.D. 1512 (province of Smolensk - here Bohdan  Sapieha A.D. 1506/1511); the Sapieha ancestry in Belorussia and Lithuania c. 1300; they came from Narymund who was duke of Pinsk and Mazyr,  after Punigajlo Sophia and Siemion Sunigajlo son of Bunigajlo Narymundowicz in Trakai; related to Giedymin and Rozynski families; some  branch has name  Kszczonowski and other one Rozynski; since 1575 count title and 1775 duke title; among others the Sapieha family owned an  estate of Druja in 1798 and they were kinsmen of the Fedorowicz house 

7. Szokolowicz, Butwidowicz, Talmontowicz derived from the Swirski ancestry 

8. Zawadzki 1420 (come from Swiatopelk); related to Bolestraszycki 

9. Swiatopelk 

10. Wereszczak 1465 

11. Wankowicz 1499 (from Wanka related to Kiejstut), the Wankowicz house related to Swirski, Soroko and Kleczkowski families 

12. Naczowicz or Nacowicz (Nacovicius) in the Wilkmerge district 1500 

Genealogy of the Constantinovich family 1534 - ca 1945 in Belarus, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania. Константинович - биография. the Fox coat of arms. History and genealogy of the Constantinovich family with relatives: Troubetzkoy, Radziwill, Piottuch-Kublicki, Sedykh from Kazan, Soltan, Oginski, Paszkowski and Kalinowski from Cracow, Zbieranowski, Zarako-Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Armand in Moscow and Petersburg, Gernet from Estonia, Bakst, Demonet or De Monet, Dizeren, Azbelev, Holynski of 18th cent., Bagration-Gruzinski and Mukhrani from Sakartvelo-Georgia.  The Baltic German families in Estonia: von Gernet, Rehbinder, Toll, Croy, Weiss.

13. Onacewicz or Nacewicz (Onacevicius) from Lida and Kaunas regions, they verified arms in Vilnius 1800, 1832  and 1858 

14. Getardowicz or Gatardowicz (Gatardavicius) with Fox arms only, in Lithuania as early as 15th century 

15. Roszczyc 1500 or Roscicas in the Kobryn area and Upita; Roscisz 1584 or Ruszczyc 1650 (either Ruzczycz A.D. 1659 or  Ruscicas, Ruzczycz, they owned Perkowszczyzna and Bogdanowo estates in the Asmjany area and Jodziszki in the Vilna area A.D. 1847; also Trakai region; among others a  certain Ruzczycz commanded the Roumanians messaged from Lithuania to Ukraine during war in 1658); Michno Roszczyc owned the Mokrany estate in Palesse  A.D. 1564 and information of 1578; in a region of Slonim after 1651; related to Kozlowski house. The family Zbirogowski - Ruszczyc (or  Zbiragauskas -  Ruscicas in the Asmjany, Vilna and Kobryn areas) derive from the Ruszczyc family.  

16. Korsak or Krsak, among others the Fox arms in Navahrudak area, derived from the Trakai and Lida districts 1500, like us. Jozef Korsak, officer in the Mscislau province in 1611 (lived in Hlybokae area, too), the others in the province after 1667; possessed Holubicze in the Polack province and an estate in the Merkine parish - the Trakai district; in the Vicebsk government related to Lissowski house, those near and dear in 1816: Chorosciey, Jaworowski, Gielwanowski and Derwyanski. The Korsak family had got by-name Sowa or Sowicz

17. Jerzy Koscienowicz 1501 

18. Letecki 1508 or Latecki from village Letce or Ledczany in the Vicebsk province since 1508; they verified in Vicebsk at the end of the 18th cent. and came from Teodor Iwanowicz Szwogier and his son Bohdan who received Ledczany and Budowiescie; in Vicebsk A.D. 1539, Chelm in 1573, relative with Olechnowicz family 1627 and Kisiel 1641 

19. Ilinski 1528 

20. Marcin Konstantynowicz Czyz from Nieciecza 1534 (Boniecki 1901; Niesiecki 1839) or Czyz of Fox arms from Nieczyca  (Belorussia); either Czyzewicz or Cizevicius since 1415, e.g. Juszko Czyz in 1454, Senko Czyzewicz in 1485, Bazyli Czyz officer in Krycau in 1522,  Andrzej Czyzewicz or Czyzewski owner of the Czyzewszczyzna farm in the Trakai province; related to Kurylowicz house or Kurilavicius with  the   arms of Korczak in the Dzisna district; among others they possessed Roh Wielki farm in the Homel district, 103 ha., in the 19th cent.  

21. Nieczycki either Nieczyski or Nietecki; related to Czyz family 

Secret Societies. Masonic conspiracy theories as conspiracy theories involving Freemasonry. History Of Secret Societies: Knights Templar, Illuminati and Freemasons. The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence. Masonic Origins. FREEMASONRY SCOTTISH RITE CULT.

22. Konstantynowicz, Константинович, Костентинович, Костентинавич, either  Konstantinowicz or Konstantynowic and Pohozy - Konstantynowicz, too.

POHOŻY-KONSTANTYNOWICZ Augustyn or Augustyn Konstantynowicz with nick-name Pohozy.
See: on 'Ураднікі (пасады, тытулы) Менскага ваяводства XVI - XVIII ст. Біяграф. давед.', Ф. В. Чарняўскі, 2009.
'Mostowniczowie' who watched over bridges and charged on the lease. There were four: Krzemieniec, Luck, Pinsk and Polotsk / Polock. Acc. to: Гербоўнік беларускай шляхты, Т. Капіца, А. Леўчык, С. Рыбчонак і інш, БелНДІДАС, 2002; Т.1, 493 с.

1536/1537 Konstantynowicz in East Belarus  about Kostientinawicz and for  the first time information on Michal Konstantinowicz in  Lithuania and Belorussia of
1552 (I don't know surely where did   Michno =   Michal come from [Miknos Konstantinoviciaus - nobleman from  Zaleskovscizna = Zaleskowszczyzna - was founder of Catholic church in  settlement   Krikstonys in  Lithuania now, subdistrict Norageliai, municipality Lazdijai = Lozdzee =  Lozdzieje, in county of Alytus = OLITA, circa  1562; Miknos  Konstantinovicius  =   Michno  Konstantinoviciaus in Lithuania = Michal Konstantynowicz / Константинович, Костентинович,  Костентинавич]? I don't know  doubtless if exactly   Michno  was stripped of the assets by his sister in 1547. The Konstantynowicz ancestry with the Fox coat of arms proper  lived only in the  Trakai  district  i.e. district of Troki and  in the Samaites territory since c. 1550, and also in the Minsk  province since c. 1570  [by c. 1600]; next  in  the Slonim  area after c. 1600; also in Vilna = Wilno since c. 1640 as good as proves it all  armorials. One of string  evidences say us for  example that the  record of common noble movement A.D. 1528 doesn't point to persons with the  Konstantynowicz /  Константинович,  Костентинович,  Костентинавич surname in any districts of Lithuania according to all historical  sources), 1554  and  1578 

Radzivill, Pociej, Konstantinovich, Troubetskoy, Orlov-Denisov, Bagrationi, Dyuflon, Paszkowski, Siedych, Armand, Demonets and Wittgenstein in the XVIII and XIX centuries in Russia

Genealogy of the Constantinovich family 1534 - ca 1945 in Belarus, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania. Константинович - биография. History and genealogy of the Constantinovich family with relatives: Troubetzkoy, Radziwill, Piottuch-Kublicki, Sedykh from Kazan, Soltan, Oginski, Paszkowski and Kalinowski from Cracow, Zbieranowski, Zarako-Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Armand in Moscow and Petersburg, Gernet from Estonia, Bakst, Demonet or De Monet, Dizeren, Azbelev, Holynski of 18th cent., Bagration-Gruzinski and Mukhrani from Sakartvelo-Georgia.  The Baltic German families in Estonia: von Gernet, Rehbinder, Toll, Croy, Weiss.

Von Gernet (Gern), Croy (Krey), Weiss, Toll, Rehbinder / Rebinder, Steinberg - the Baltic German nobility from Estland / Estonia, Livland / Latvia and St Petersburg in Russia of the 19th century. Tallinn/ Reval, Nomme, Harku, Saku, ▄ksnurme, Lehhola / Lehola, Vaikna, Parnu / Parnawa, Dorpat / Tartu and Viljandi / Fellin in Estonia.

23. Piaseczynski 1550 

24. Michalowicz or Makalovicius 1580; call Zdan; near to Hrodna and Vilna 

25. Bucela or Buccella 1589 

26. Nacewicz or Nacevicius in the Hrodna region (Belorussia) - related to the Onacewicz family 

27. Saulukowicz 1596 

28. Kosicki 1597, nickname Niestojkowicz either Katski or Kasicki and Kacki / K╣cki 

29. Antoginski (or Antoginskas in the Lida district

30. Bartlomiejewicz (or Bartlomijevicius in the Samaites territory

31. Benetowt (or Benetautas in Vilkmerge area

32. Chometowski (or Chomentowski / Chomŕtowski, Chomentauskas, Chomutowski among others Fox arms

33. Czarnocki (only Fox arms in the Lida territory, Vilkmerge, Svencionys, Asmjany and Braslau areas in the 19th cent.; verified in Kaunas  1843, 1849 and in Vilna 1850 as inhabitants of the Lida district; derived from a territory of Bielsk in the 16th cent.

34. Dobkiewicz (or Dabkevicius, among others the Fox armorial bearings; lived in the Trakai, Vilna and Raseiniai districts

35. Gawianowski or Gavinauskas with the Fox coat of arms only, in Talkuny (the Vilnius area

36. Gieniusz (Geniusis) Fox arms only, as early as the 16th century 

37. Glinski verified the Fox arms in Vilna 1819; they lived in Jaskuldy since 1631 - the Vaukavysk region (with others coat of arms: in the Smolensk province at the end of the 15th cent., in Poland since 1512 and Mejszagola near to Vilna 1528

38. Goluchowski or Goluchovskis in Belorussia, the Mscislau province of 1669 

39. Gregorowicz or Gregoravicius in the Vilna province, with the Fox coat of arms only 

Genealogy of the Constantinovich family 1534 - ca 1945 in Belarus, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania. Константинович - биография. the Fox coat of arms. History and genealogy of the Constantinovich family with relatives: Troubetzkoy, Radziwill, Piottuch-Kublicki, Sedykh from Kazan, Soltan, Oginski, Paszkowski and Kalinowski from Cracow, Zbieranowski, Zarako-Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Armand in Moscow and Petersburg, Gernet from Estonia, Bakst, Demonet or De Monet, Dizeren, Azbelev, Holynski of 18th cent., Bagration-Gruzinski and Mukhrani from Sakartvelo-Georgia.  The Baltic German families in Estonia: von Gernet, Rehbinder, Toll, Croy, Weiss.

40. Hanuszewicz or Ganusevicius in the Kaunas area

41. Hrehorowicz or Hryhorowicz, Gregorowicz or Gregorovicius according to Dworzecki as early as 16th cent. 

42. Janczewski among others with Fox arms; Jerzy, Matyasz and Teodor with their sons verified in Kiev on 08.02.1817 

43. Jodko or Jotko, Jotkas 1700 and 1733; related to Narbut, and Stanislaw son of Jerzy Jodko was related to Mortus family in 1471; Jodko  son of Sawicz near by Vaukavysk, Jan Jodko in 1548, Andrzej son of Michal in the Lida area (Girki estate, they verified in Vilna 1845) A.D. 1601,  Jodko family in Livonia as early as 1750; Jerzy Antoni Jodko in Dzisna area 1757, also in Asmjany area and in Smolensk 1778 

44. Jurjewicz or Jurjevicius among others Fox arms, duke Janusz Jurjewicz exercised duties of an officer in Hrodna and the Trakai province c. 1550 

45. Juszkiewicz or Jurauskas among others Fox arms in the Dzisna district before 1796, related to Malkiewicz, Stacewicz and Swirski 

46. Karnicki or Karnickas among others Fox arms, lived in Samaites, Livonia and Asmjany area, the Minsk province in 1732 and Mohilow i.e. Mahileu; related to Lisowski house; verified in Vilna in 1836 

47. Kirkill or Kirkila, among others Fox arms, in Samaites since 16th cent. 

48. Kiszkiel or Kiskelis only with Fox arms since 16th cent. in the Vilkmerge territory 

49. Kolesinski near by Lida in 1669 - according to my correspondent of 2004 - i.e. Konstanty Dymitrowicz from Kolesiszcze and Konstanty Pawlowicz from Ostrowla and after 1674 

50. Komorowski or Komorovskis among others Fox arms 

51. Komunski before 1648 

52. Konopka or Kanopkas among others Fox arms, in the Panevezys territory, Samaites and also in the Vicebsk province 

53. Talmontowicz 

54. Kosinski or Kasinskas, among others Fox arms, in the Polack district 

55. Kosman or Kosmanas with only the Fox arms; owned Borki in the Asmjany district and verified in Vilna A.D. 1819 

56. Kozakowski (or Kozakovskis, among others the Fox armorial bearings, too; possessed Krupow in the Lida area and lived in Samaites; byname Puczyna

57. Kozlowski (either Kazlauskas or Ozkinas; among others the Fox armorial bearings, too; Jan Kozlowski landowner in the provinces of Mscislau and Smolensk + wife Justyna nee Krzywonos - their estates were burned in 1654 according to information of 1665)

58. Kulczycki or Kulcickis, among others with Fox arms; maybe in the Slonim area 

59. Kutylowski or Kutilauskas with Fox arms only; landowners from Ptaszovka in the Kaunas district and verified in Vilna in 1820 

60. Kwietka or Kwietko, Kvetka in the Kaunas district, with Fox arms only - according to Jan Ciechanowicz 

61. Lebiedziejewski or Lebedijauskas in Pinsk and Asmjany districts 

62. Lipicki or Lipickas in Lithuania since 1572 

63. Lis (Lapis) 

64. Lisanski (Lisianski or Lisanskas) in Belorussia since 1730 

65. Lisiecki in a region of Drahicyn

66. Lisowski (Lisauskas) in the province of Polack 1633, related to Korkuc or Korkutis house and Bukowski family in Vilna 

67. Lokis (in the district of Polack

68. Lukaszewic (or Lukasevicius known since 1528, in the Orsa area 1567, Trakai region 1577, Mahileu 1578

69. Mackiewicz - about Mackevicius family hear as early as 1541 and 1572 

70. Michniewicz or Miknevicius before 1648 in the province of Vilna and others; named Lisowczyk Michniewicz 

71. Modestowicz (Modestavicius) in the Panevezys region 

72. Mukiewicz or Mukevicius in the Asmjany district (Belorussia

73. Mytko or Mitkus 

74. Narbut or Narbutas 1650, related to Jodko 

75. Naborowski or Nabarauskas in Olkuny, district of Vilna 1635 

76. Olszewski 

77. Oltarzewski or Olatazevskis at the moment 

78. Ossendowski = Osendowski (Osendovskis) verified arms in Vicebsk 1844 - writer Ferdynand A. Ossendowski was born  in  Vicebsk 1878, he stayed in Omsk 1918 and in Urga in May 1921, died in Warsaw 1945 - the Osendowski family lived in Livonia since 1774 

79. Parczewski or Parciauskas in the Smolensk province before 1648 and Russia 

80. Piotrowski or Petrauskas; in the Mscislau province in 1697, Minsk area c. 1750; they verified in Minsk 1829 

81. Postrumienski 1700 

82. Pryncewicz (or Princevicius in the Vilna area

83. Radziminski or Radziminskij in Belorussia before 1648 (Radiminskas in the Vilna and Hrodna areas

84. Rosiel (or Raselis in the Dzisna area and the Samaites territory

85. Rozlowowicz (or Rozlovavicius in the Kaunas area)

86. Rupejko (or Rupeikys, Rupeika in the Vilna area)

87. Russel (or Ruselys in the “Polish Livland

88. Rymgajlo (or Rimgailas in the Raseiniai district

89. Sikorski (among others Fox arms with nickname Dumicz but mainly in Galicia; they were related to the Hurko noble family in Livonia, the Rezekne  district; the Sikorski noble family possessed Laskowka, Kniahinicze, Olesin and Mikulitschi estates in the Minsk government in 1899; Mikulicze estate i.e.  Mikulitschi was situated 14 km West of Beresino = Berezyna; orthodox families verified  themselves in Minsk A.D. 1820 and 1837

90. Spirydonowicz (i.e. Spiridanavicius only with Fox arms in Lithuania since the 17th cent.

91. Stanislawowicz (i.e. Stanislavovicius or Stanislavaitys owned Fox arms and derived from the Asmjany district, here possessed some little villages in the 19th cent.

92. Starzenski (Fox arms according to a research from Buenos Aires of 1974 and related to Siemaszko family arms Swan

93. Uszacki (or Usackas verified Fox coat of arms in Vilna (Wilno) A.D. 1905)

94. Wilkanowski c. 1630 

95. Andrzej Wolan 1550 or 1566/1572; the Wolan family or Volanas was in Vilna region, districts of Minsk (Andrzej Wolan was a clerk in an estate of Usa, the Minsk province in 1582) and Asmjany 

96. Wolski (or Volskis)

97. Wolocki (or Volockas)

98. Wolosewicz (or Wolosowicz, Valasevicius in the Pinsk region A.D. 1524 - they verified Fox arms in Vilna 1819 and 1832, owned Rekoszajcie or Rakotajcie at the Samaites territory in the 17th - 19th century)

99. Wolotkowicz or Valatkevicius (the surname since 15th cent.)

100. Woroszyllo (or Vorosilas in the Kobryn area, the Polack province, and besides Kiev A.D. 1648

101. Worotnicki (Vorotnickas in the Trakai district and Asmjany

102. Worowski (Vorovskis from region of Chelm

103. Wroblewski (Vrubliauskas in Latgales aug(u)stiene 1778, Vicebsk and the Polack province 1668, besides Podolia

104. Zabielo (or Zabiello and Zabiŕ│a according to Dunin Borkowski of 1909, they came from Podlasie to Samaites territory; in the Minsk government owned places: Olsa, Jozefin and Ignacewka in the 19th cent., count title

105. Zajac (or Kiskis family

106. Zaleski (or Zaleskis came from the Kaunas province according to Niesiecki

107. Zapasnik (Zapasnikas came from the Vilna province, after in the Lida and Navahrudak districts

et al.  


108. Rymwid 1504 (or Rimvidas at the Samaites territory, the Vilna area, region of Hrodna, Minsk and Lida A.D. 1669); a name of one branch is Mickiewicz (1550); the Mickiewicz family (= Myckiewicz) with Fox arms, too - named Rymwid either Rynwid in Belorussia or Rymwid - Mickiewicz and Rimvidas - Mickeviicius in the Asmjany, Lida and Minsk areas (the  families: Rymwid, Myckiewicz, Sipowicz, Tyminski, Bohufal, Doroszkiewicz and Talatowicz had identical coat armour); related to Korkuc or Korkutis house 

109. Makarowicz 1400 (they came from family Wasienczowicz or from Doroszkiewicz called Bouffall in Belorussia);  after as Makara  - Makarowicz or Makarewicz of 1514 = Makarevicius in the Barysau region and area of Vilna since 1560  (Ponary in the 18th  cent.); they lived in the Minsk province in 1620 and in the Hrodna district in 1765, possessed the  Jatoltowicze estate in the  district of Asmjany, next in the Lida district c. 1723 and 1761 (here the Niewisza and Romanowicze estates), they verified the  arms in Vilna A.D. 1819, were in Vilna in 1820, too; Wasienczowicz and Makara - Makarowicz (= Makaro Makarowicz) had identical  coat armour 

110. Wasiencowicz after 1509 (according to Tomasz Swiecki) either also Iwasiencowicz or Vasencavicius A.D. 1590, after as  Makarowicz or as Makarowicz Wasiencowicz; derived from Makar Makarowicz Waszencowicz; Wasiencowicz were in the  Minsk province and Kiev area according to Niesiecki; as also Wasienczowicz according to Stupnicki; as Wasniecow in  Russia 

111. Doroszkiewicz or Doroskevicius, among others Fox arms with nickname Bouffall 1481 (a certain Bohuchwal  Doroszkiewicz was owner of a land by the Neman river in the Hrodna district 1560) or 1482; they lived in the Hrodna, Minsk 1585,  Orsa and Recyca (the Rezekne district) areas; the Fox coat of arms since 1540 alongside Rymwid family 

112. Talatowicz before 1540 (related to Bouffall); lived in Eynerance in the Trakai province in 1786, neighbours: Minkowski, Jurgielewicz and Korolewicz families 

113. Sipowicz (related to Bouffall in Belorussia) 1640; kinsmen of the Jankowski arms Powala house in Samaites and the   Dobuzynski  family; they possessed here estates: Dolgi, Poniewicze near by Kaunas and Iuskucie in the district of  RASEINIAI 

114. Tyminski (inf. of 1700; the family was related to Bohowityn house or Bagavitynas in 1591

115. Kozmowski 1648 or early 

116. Woronowicz or Woronowicki in Belorussia 1650 or 1648 (Varanavicius) according to Niesiecki; owned Brzostowica  (Berastavica now) in the 18th cent., lived in the Vilna province (Porokiecie village) in 1542, Leluny in Dzisna area in the 18th cent.; verified  1819 

117. Sapucho - Samsonowicz before 1648; also as Samsonowicz 

118. Kesztort 1580 or Kiesztort (Kiejsztort, Kestort related to Kamienski family

119. Proszczewicz or Proszczowicz 1550; Medeksza derive from them and had identical coat armour  

120. Medeksza 1560 (they came from the family Proszcze or Proszczewicze / Proszczewicz

121. Bouffall since 07 March 1516, 1565 according to the Luc'k archives or 1540 (related to Mickiewicz family); either Boufalas,  Boufal, Bohuchwal, Boguchwal or Bohufal, with Fox arms or Kosciesza; the house derived from the Vilna area; for the first time Boguchwal son  of Dmitryj in 1516; by-names: Doroszkiewicz (derived from Doroszko = Janusz; the Doroszkiewicz house since 1482) or Kmiticz - Woronowiecki, according to Boniecki 

122. Makowski or Makauskas in the Mscislau province, Belorussia. 

diverse Fox 


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  Walki z sowietami po 23 wrzesnia 1939

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I concluded in my genealogical search that among families of Konstantynowicz who live in Poland are three separate groups: 

Ancestry of the family Konstantynowicz who derived from present BUKOVINA (1775 to Austrian Empire) at the border Ukraine on Roumania; they were (in XIX century) the   Greek church perhaps and after 1945 they regarded as (in part, by authorities) Ukrainians and were displaced (partially) to the Mazury (East Prussia). Most of them live today in  south - easterly Poland. They had own coat of arms GRECUL (GREKUL) in time of the Austria - Hungarys’ Galicia at the beginning of XIX cent. (Bazyli and Michal  Konstantynowicz 1803). I take note of them in ODESSA and Tschernowzy (= Chernovits) 1939 - 1940 and KIEV (data from Internet) after the second World War. 

I am looking for all persons with KONSTANTYNOWICZ surname whose ancestors (as a whole XIX century and at the beginning of XX cent.) are from:

1. BELARUS’: Governments of Minsk, Vicebsk (Vitebsk) and Mahileu (Mogilev by the river Dniepr = Dnjapro)

2. RUSSIA: Government of Smolensk

3. LATVIA (Livland): Governments of Vicebsk and Riga

Here you can to read about noble ancestries deriving from former Mscislau province, mainly there are Polish and Byelorussian families, e.g. about Holynski, Wollowicz, Puszkin, Brujewicz, Polubinski, Hurko and others. An information on Polish exiles in Siberia are at the website, too. Also about Polish rebellion near by the Lake Baikal in 1866. Here is description of the January Insurrection 1863 in the Ihumen (Cerven) district and also in the Mahileu government; and theory about the Fox and Pielesz coats of arms in the Grand duchy of Lithuania.

Here you can to acquaint with information about former Ihumen district and with data on the Polish in the parish of Berezino. Here there are details with Brzezinski family from Livland. It's a large part devoted to Polish senior officers in Tsarist Army and that next served for the 1st Polish Corps in Belarus in 1917 - 1918. 

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I inform my respectable readers about statistic at my main website 16041 times on July 09th, 2008 (my four "geocities" 35380 times) and this page was made on March 9th, 2003. Thank you and I invite you again. It will be myriad information about persons in the named Belorussian villages and estates at the end of the year 2004.

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® History of the noble




Here you will read about different lines and branches of the Konstantynowiczs from Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and now from Poland; and about emigrants in America and at others continents. This is my main website. Why not read that site? There are very interesting data about DEKA air company from St Petersburg, about the Boncz Brujewicz family and on my grandfather - Tsarist and Polish soldier in 1912/1916 - 1947. At every websites you will find out information about Szostak, Zbieranowski and Malkiewicz families, and also interesting links to genealogical sites and into historical pages. 

The Konstantynowicz ancestry with the Fox coat of arms (1534) come from Michno Konstantynowicz of the Lida and the Mereczanka river (1552 and 1554) area on the border of Lithuania and Belarus. Konstantinovich hasn't the Cossack or the Greek origin. It was a legend only about Greek Konstantinovich Anastasius of 1784 who moved from Rumelia - Macedonia today, first to Nizhyn, and then to Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky; served to  the Pereyaslav regiment in 1756.  A legend was about the beginning of the Konstantynowicz family. Many said that our family (ancestry) has come from the BALKANS according to "Gutenberg Encyclopaedia" (volume 8); many said that the ancestry had got to descent from Serbian ancestor (janczar), who was Turkish soldier 1455 - 1463, who was afterwards in Poland (that is since 1470 or 1471); he has written memoirs here (1490-1516 or rather 1496 - 1501)  about title "(...) the Turkish chronicle (...)".  A copy was in the Sapieha Archive. More inf. on the same Turkish soldier - Michal Konstantynowicz in F. Bujak, "Studia geograf.-hist.", p. 129 - 134. The main editions of "(...) the Turkish chronicle (...)" in 1828 and 1912 misleaded many of our ancestors. The Kibalczyc family i.e. Kibalcicas have got a legend that tell us about an ancestor from Serbia - the family moved out to the Chernigov province in the Grand duchy of Lithuania in the 17th century - the legend it's mistake, too. The Konstantynowicz family near by Perejaslav has got the Fox coat of arms. Somebody (owned Fox coat of arms according to an armorial of 1914; territory of Russia in the 18th cent., 78 km SE of  Kiev) among Cossacks in 1756 in Pereyaslav. Anastazy Konstantynowicz (born ca 1710 / 1720 - d. before 1784) probably escaped from Poland to Russia before 1756 (ca 1740) and after he was a Commissioner Regiment (1759-60) among Cossacks. His son Christopher Anastasiyovych Konstantynowicz (1741-86) served to the first regiment of Pereyaslav and was centurion (1770-81), grandson Peter Hristoforovich (1785-1850) was Major General (1848), commander of Kyiv. artyler. Garrison (1836-48) and greatgrandson Alexander P. Jr. (1832-1903) was Lieutenant General (1889) and the Governor of the Turgay region (1878-83), Bessarabian governor (1883-99). This ancestry  submitted to the 2nd and 3rd parts of the nobility book of Kiev province in Russia.
Source: 'The Armorial of Little Russia. ... Chernigov Governorate' ('Малоросійський гербовник. Чернігівський орел'), В. К. Лукомскїй, В. Л. Модзалевскїй (and Heorhiy Narbut), Санкт-Петербургъ: изданїε Черниговскаго дворѧнства, 1914. В. К. Лукомский, В. Л. Модзалевский, худ. Г. И. Нарбут, Малороссийский гербовник. Предисловие А. К. Рачинского).

Genealogy of the Constantinovich family 1534 - ca 1945 in Belarus, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania. History and genealogy of the Constantinovich family with relatives: Troubetzkoy, Radziwill, Piottuch-Kublicki, Sedykh from Kazan, Soltan, Oginski, Paszkowski and Kalinowski from Cracow, Zbieranowski, Zarako-Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Armand in Moscow and Petersburg, Gernet from Estonia, Bakst, Demonet or De Monet, Dizeren, Azbelev, Holynski of 18th cent., Bagration-Gruzinski and Mukhrani from Sakartvelo-Georgia.

Genealogy and history of the Konstantinovich, Troubetskoy, Bagration-Gruzinski, Kalinowski, Soltan, Dadiani, Oginski, Paszkowski, Dyuflon, Staroch Siedoch, Armand, Pociej, Radziwill and Piottuch Kublicki family in the XVIII and XIX centuries in Russia, Estonia and Belarus.

Jˇzef Piłsudski and Feliks Dzierżyński genealogy. Database for The noble Konstantinovich family history: Switzerland, Estonia, Belarus, Poland and Russia 1772 - 1939. Family Pilar Pilchau, Pilsudski, Dzierzynski / Dzerzhinsky, Bulhak and underground independence movement in Belarus and Lithuania in the years around 1885 to 1920. Trubeckoj and Konstantynowicz in Estonia and Belarus. Duflon, Breguet, Armand in Tsarist Russia in the nineteenth century - until 1918. Hacker, Reppman, Schilling and Benkendorff from Estonia.

Genealogy and history of the Kanstancinovič / Konstantinovich / Konstantynowicz, Trubetzkoy / Troubetskoy / Trubecki, Orlov-Denisov / Orlow Denisow, Dadiani, Nikitin, Wittgenstein, Golicyn / Golitsyn, Bagrationi / Bagration-Gruzinski / Bagration Gruzinsky, Pashkovsky / Paszkowski, Duflon / Dyuflon, Siedych / Sedoch / Staroch-Siedoch, Armand, Demonets / Demonet in the XVIII and XIX centuries in Russia

  © author Bogdan Konstantynowicz - Duflon and Konstantynowicz family in St Petersburg and Ukraine 1904 / 1918

  © author Bogdan Konstantynowicz

Armand, Paszkowski, Demonets, Konstantinovich and Duflon

Orlov Denisov, Radzivill, Pociej, Trubetskoy, Bagrationi, Siedych, Wittgenstein, Armand, Paszkowski, Demonets, Konstantinovich and Duflon families in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus.

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  Deka Company 1904 - 1918 in St. Petersburg. New website on the Armand and Konstantinovich families from Moscow! © author Bogdan Konstantynowicz

Zamach stanu generala Wladyslawa Sikorskiego we wrzesniu 1939 roku

   Sowiecka agresja na Polske 17 wrzesnia 1939 roku - © author Bogdan Konstantynowicz

  © Walki z sowietami po 23 wrzesnia 1939

  © Kampania wrzesniowa 1939 roku

Probably our ancestry with the name of Konstantynowicz derive from belorussian family (Senko Czyzewicz and his son Konstanty Czyz) Czyz;  Polish as early as the 16th century and professing catholicism, owned arms of FOX proper since 


id est Marcin Konstantynowicz Czyz from Nieciecza

either Marcin Czyz Konstantynowicz from Nieczyca

or Marcin Czyz Nieczycki (or Nietecki) who was born c. 1495

Konstantynowicz Czyz unknown of name (or Konstantinowicz who was born c. 1530 or Michno Konstantynowicz ?) was withdrawn in the last will and testament of his father of 


and destitute of a legacy which daughter Margaret inherited; she had got some brothers. 

Part of these Czyz from neighbourhood of LIDA (either Nieciecz or Nieczyca 9 km from Lida

c. 1550 

have accepted the surname Konstantynowicz (from Christian name of father according to Leszczyc 1908/13) adopting the armorial bearings of FOX proper and moved out to the Trakai district and thence to the MINSK province 

c. 1570

A famous 

Michno Konstantynowicz 

received the big estate, an arable ground and forested land from the king Sigismund Augustus on 

04 January 1554 

i.e. the farmland

Merecz Michnowski

and the same Michno possessed a landed property


49 km N-W-N of Lida in the Troki district, too (close by a south - easterly border of the former Trakai district) as early as 


and it seems he owned a farmland Merkine in addition id est

Merecz Michnowo

by initial course of Merkys river in the Turgeliai parish, 38 km S-E-S of Vilnius.

This fact noted down in armorials of the Grand duchy of Lithuania:

1578 Konstantinowicz who was born c. 1530

1584 Michal Konstantynowic

1648 Konstantinowicz or Konstantynowicz

The family Konstantynowicz used the call POCHOWICZ (or the Pohozy, Pohosha, Pohowicz, Rohoz, Rokoz and Pokoz nicknames,  information of 1937) at first in the Minsk province, Belorussia since A.D. 


Mikolay Pohosha Konstantynowicz has got a privilege in the Minsk province handed over to him by the king Vladislav IV Vasa on

07 March 1643 

Just after 


they partly moved house to the East Belorussia in the MSCISLAU province near to: 

KRYCAU = Kritschew or Kritchev, MSCISLAU = Mstislavl (next of kins the Golynskij or Holynski family; kin to family Hurko; neighbourhood: families  Hryniewicz or Gryniewicz = Grinevicius, Hrynkiewicz or Grinkevicius in Iwanowszczyzna, Halko (Galkus), Goluchowski or Goluchovskis in the Mscislau province of 1669, Myszkowski or Miskauskas arms Jastrzebiec,  Petryzycki or Pietrazycki, Oleszkowski, Olesza, Skorupa, Dudka, Oziemblowski, Woroniec, Kisiel, Romanowski, Pleskaczewski, Ostrowski, Mezynski, Gorski or Horski of 1654/1663 and Madalinski) and in the  region northwards of MSCISLAU (the villages Samava = Chamovo at the map of 1834, Kopceuka, Niesterevo – the  Berezetnia  estate), where Swedes looted them estates during campaign of Charles XII in summer A.D. 


The family Konstantynowicz from eastern Belorussia (near to Krycau – Antoni 2nd Konstantynowicz was born c. 1833, Mscislau, Samava) is my ancestors. 


this territory was already in Russia, as the Government of Mahileu after the 1st Partition of POLAND, I am afraid. 

They partly have moved out to the easternmost parts of the MINSK government to the Berezino parish after 

c. 1840 

id est in the villages BOROVINA and MIEZONKA (the village is situated 28 kilometres south - east of Berazino = Beresino either Byerazino or Berezina). 

Below East of Berezino (the © German map of 1943) 


Below map of the Berezino parish 

(surprise – enlargement needs to be done; 

take advantage of free files jpg containing the maps enclosed with this website) 

the parish of Berezyna


was situated in the Ihumen district i.e. in the GOVERNMENT OF MINSK, the parish of BERAZINO or BERESINO, the POHOST or Pogost region = Pogostskaya "volost" that is similar to county; PRECINCT BERAZINO = Uchastok No 2: Uyrevichskaya, Pogostskaya and the Belichanskaya volost; near to villages DULEBO (= Duleby, Duleba) and  DRUCZANY; here Stanislaw Konstantynowicz born c. 1855 + Anna Malkiewicz daughter of Konstancja Brzezinski from the “Polish Livland” = Livonia (more information:

I search for all information about the village MIEZONKA where my grandfather was born on 23 April 1898 or 23 April 1900 (as a matter of fact my grandfather's name was  Jerzy Konstantynowicz, he had pseudonym A. either Antoni or Antoni Stanislaw Stankiewicz born 15.05.1900, son of Konstantynowicz who lived in Petersburg since c. 1911 /  1912); at present Belorussia (Belarus’), the Bjalynicy (= Belynichi) region in the Mahileu (= the Mogilev province) "oblast"; the village is situated among grand forest and  southwards  was big marsh - Miezonka was at a territory of enormous estates the Radzivilles before A.D. 1842. 

More information and most beautifuly pictures of Miezonka on a page in Webnet:

We were in St Petersburg (more information: ) after 

c. 1907 

and lived in Vilna in the early 20th century (Piotr Konstantynowicz son of Gustaw - Piotr was married to Maria W.); 

in Pinsk (Konstantynowicz Konstantyn), 

Grodno (Hrodna), 

near to Dzjatlava = Zdzieciol (the village Gronsk

and west of LIDA (the places Maluki, Zabalac = Zabalac' either Zabolot or Zablot', Przevoza, Volejsze, Kascjaneva) at the beginning of the 20th cent.

Miezonka ca 1842 to middle of the 20th cent. History and genealogy of the Constantinovich family with relatives:  Zbieranowski, Zarako-Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Armand in Moscow and Petersburg,  Bakst, Demonet or De Monet, Dizeren, Azbelev, Holynski of 18th cent., Bagration-Gruzinski and Mukhrani from Sakartvelo-Georgia.

in Minsk (Konstantynowicz Andrzej; brothers Jakov and Semen; Semen II (or Szymon) son of Jerzy II; Konstantynowicz Antoni IV; Adolf son of  Wilhelm; Mikolaj son of Pavel) at the beginning of the 20th cent. 

and Daugavpils (or Dunaburg = Dvinsk)

in the government of Smolensk (district = ujezd of Dorohobuz in 1913

and Vicebsk = Vitebsk (Jozef Konstantynowicz in September 1918) by their own account, too; 

Jan Konstantynowicz had died in the Karpaty mount as senior officer being in the Russian army in winter 1914/1915

The family Konstantynowicz lived in Vilnius, Vaukavysk, Ivacevicy and Lida in the thirties and the forties of the 20th cent. by all accounts.

The family Konstantynowicz moved on to the new Polish west territory after 1945. I can’t give many more information about this period after 1940 for the sake of secret data.

Many of the Konstantynowiczs / Константинович / Костентинович / Костентинавич stayed in BELARUS

Belorussian peacekeeping veteran Konstantine Konstantynowicz Константинович inf. 11 April, 2003; Andrzej Konstantynowicz in  Mahileu by the river Dnjapro according to Sergiusz Marszalkowski of 2004; in  villages Toloczki and Zabalac; and a first deputy chairman (the vice-president in  2003) of the Belarusian Union of Architects, Anatoliy (i.e. Anatol) M.  Konstantynowicz in Minsk; A. A. Konstantynowicz acted in Acad.  Agric. Sci. of Belarus in 1992; Sh. V. Konstantynowicz from Belarus at  SECOND INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC - TECHNICAL CONGRESS "MECHANICAL  ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES ".  

Now in Lida: G. F. Konstantynowicz tel. 53109  Tuchachevski Str. and  

now in Minsk: Who tel. Str. No Apt. Konstantynowicz A. A. 2267105  Tanka Str. 30/2 Apt. 53, Konstantynowicz A. M. 2344451 Chorushej Str. 19 134,  Konstantynowicz A. M. 2625139 Kolcova Str. 23 66, Konstantynowicz A. N. 2302864  Vaniejeva Str. 8 72, Konstantynowicz G. A. 2733456 Altajskaja Str. 64/5 68,  Konstantynowicz G. V. 2445007 Shabany Str. 13 56, Konstantynowicz E. T. 2432695  Gierasimienko Str. 29 74, Konstantynowicz Sh. D. 2955986 Zilunovicha Str. 27 23,  Konstantynowicz I. E. 2429894 Niesterova Str. 4 153, Konstantynowicz I. M. 2165503  Jesenina Str., No 19 Apt. 166, Konstantynowicz K. F. 2382929 Ilimskaja Str., 29 226,  Konstantynowicz L. G. 2810745 P/O Stiepianka Korwata Str. 34 Apt. 33, Konstantynowicz L. K. 2356986 2 Bagrationa Court (Pier.) No 19 Apt. 789, Konstantynowicz M. A. 2738872 Angarskaja Str. 20/2 44, Konstantynowicz M. S. 2495360 Pliechanowa 56/3 166, Konstantynowicz N. I. 2475314 Jakubova 30 5, Konstantynowicz N. N. 2499679 Pliechanova 52/1 9, Konstantynowicz N. P. 2502878 Orlovskaja 86/3 14, Konstantynowicz O. V. 2268756 Tanka Str., 30/2 Apt. 71, Konstantynowicz O. F. 2997217 Shossejnaja 9 17, Konstantynowicz T. I. 2968379 Bajkalskaja 45 28, Konstantynowicz T. I. 2998379 Bajkalskaja Str. No 45 Apt. 28, Konstantynowicz F. I. 2431028 Angarskaja 13/2 6, according to:

settled themselves in Russia

Krasnojarsk in the sixties of the 20th cent. and the Krasnojarsk area after  2nd world war, Archangelsk = Arkhangelsk: Yury Константинович /  Konstantynowicz now, Moscow: Aleksandr Konstantynowicz and Oleg Konstantynowicz now, Dmitrij Konstantynowicz in  Togliatti near to Samara;  

in 1918 Abram Ioffe [b. 1880, son of Fedor; completion of the St. Petersburg Technological  Institute in  1902] became a head of Physics and Technology division in State Institute of Roentgenology  and Radiologythe i.e. Physico - Technical Institute where a group of young physicists  worked: B. P. Konstantynowicz / Константинович, I. V. Kurczatow = Kurchatov,  Lev Landau [son of David, born 1908 in Baku; his father was an engineer who worked in the  Baku oil industry; since 1927 he continued research at the Leningrad Physico - Technical Institute], P. L. Kapitsa  [Piotr = Pyotr Kapica was born July 08/June 26, 1894 in Kronstadt; he was son of Leon or  Leonid Kapica - a  military engineer, lieutenant  general in the Russian engineers corps, Pole  with the Kapica i.e. Jastrzebiec  diverse coat of arms, see:  http:// - and Olga Stebnicki who was daughter of Hieronim  Stebnicki, Pole with the Przestrzal  coat of arms, see:; grandson of Piotr Kapica  senior; received his preparatory  education in Kronstadt and next educated at the Petrograd Polytechnical Institute, "he graduated in 1918 with a  degree in electrical  engineering" (or 1919) on Electromechanics Department; he remained there as a lecturer until 1921; he went to England and  there he worked  with Ernest Rutherford; in 1934, Kapica went to Soviet Union] and others [quantum electronics, electromagnetic waves] -  see ;  

my family in Omsk after 1929: Viktoria born   1870/71 - daughter of Antoni Konstantynowicz,  and also  Konstantynowicz Walery (i.e.  Valerij son of Zygmunt (i.e. Sigizmund);  Orenburg Vasilij Konstantynowicz - Deputy Head  on  Agricultural  Administration in Orenburg; and  also somebody exiled at Solowezki   Islands  in the White Sea after 1923, but we lost touch  with them.   

In St Petersburg / Peterburg now Pavel Konstantynowicz, tel.  8-911-295-70-06 and others:  Константинович / Костентинович /  Костентинавич / Konstantynowicz Valerij son of  Valentin / Walenty, phone 2517524, 13-ja Krasnoarmejskaja Rd. No 13 / 4, born 21. 09.  1937;  Konstantynowicz Jekaterina daughter of Valerij, tel. 2517524, 13-ja  Krasnoarmejskaja Rd. 13 /4, b. 14. 02. 1981; Konstantynowicz Ivan son of Nikolaj, born 09.  01. 1978, tel. 2605004, Slavy Rd. No 20 Apt. 53; Konstantynowicz Igor son of Konstantin, b.  15.12. 1955, Prosveshcenija Rd. 69 / Apt. 352; Konstantynowicz Konstantin son of Igor,  Prosveshcenija Rd. 69 / 352, b. 21. 04. 1985; Konstantynowicz Ludmila d. of Sergiej, born 09. 03. 1921, Piskarevskij Prospiekt No 40 / Apt. 279; Konstantynowicz Nikolaj son of Boris, tel. 2605004, Slavy Prospiekt Rd. 20 / 53, born 01. 04. 1949; Konstantinowicz Olga daughter of Aleksandr, Lunaczarskogo Prospekt 76 / 84, born 10. 01. 1958; Konstantynowicz Olga daughter of Konstantin, Serdobolskaja Rd. No 37 / 20, born 05. 08. 1961; Konstantynowicz Olga d. of Sergiej, Prosveshcenija Rd. 69 / 352, b. 16. 04. 1953 - according to: .   

In Moscow for the present:  

Konstantynowicz Boris son of Ivan, tel. 9080498 Altufievskoje shosse No 100 Apt. 312, born 23. 02. 1942;  Konstantynowicz Galina daughter of Michail, 9300585, Leninskij prospekt 72, 473 - born 29. 10. 1933;  Konstantynowicz Elena - 4324419 Novatorov Str. No 14 / 2, Apt. 191 - born 21. 05. 1939; Konstantynowicz  Jekaterina 1841744 Anadyrskij Prospekt 3, 48 - born 02. 04. 1965; Konstantynowicz Pietr, son of Gavril,  3260037, Birjulevskaja 12 / 2, 198 - born 16. 06. 1935; Konstantynowicz Lidija - tel. 4745859, Tajninskaja 16 /  2, Apt. 131 - born 11. 03. 1920; Konstantynowicz Jurij son of Pietr, tel. 3260037, Birjulevskaja Str. 12 / 2, 198 -  born 06. 01. 1968; Konstantynowicz Olga daughter of Siergiej, tel. 3260037, Birjulevskaja 12 / 2, 198 - born 14.  06.  1968; Konstantynowicz G. V. 3227945 Proletarskij Prospekt No 35 apt. 21; Konstantynowicz L. L. tel.  3260306  Birjulevskaja Str. 12 / 2, 177; Konstantynowicz K. M. tel. 9300585 Leninskij Prospekt 72, 473;   Konstantynowicz  Aleksander 1241454 born 09. 09. 1948; Konstantynowicz Andrej son of Stanislav 1115257  Starokashirskoje shosse No 4 / 2 Apt. 120; Konstantynowicz Elena daughter of Michail, 4324419, Novatorov Str. 14 / 2 Apt. 191; Konstantynowicz Vladimir son of Aleksandr tel. 5233572, Valashiha G. Kalinina No 2, 106 - born 13. 10. 1949; according to:


A. V. Konstantinowicz and I. A. Konstantinowicz - experts of ionization energies in Ukraine, unknown ancestry 

settled themselves in CANADA

Vancouver - Karen Konstantynowicz; College of Medicine in Regina - B. Konstantynowicz 

in Denmark

at the beginning of the 20th cent.; Maria H. and T. Konstantynowicz  now 

USA, Australia, Canada, Lithuania

OHIO and Ellis Island in the beginning of the 20th cent.: Peter (or  Piotr the 2nd probably)  Konstantinovich who was married to Mary G.; new data at 

about  Philadelphia,   Pennsylvania - Anthony Konstantinovich  born 1877, Helena  Konstantinovich 1885 Anthony Konstantinovich 1910John  Konstantinovich 1913 Theodora Konstantinovich b.  1914 and  Charles  Konstantinovich;   

Olga I. Konstantinovich who was born 1860 in  Kiev -  after 1880 in Paris -  daughter of  Alexander Konstantinovich Bronislaw  Konstantinovich in  Philadelphia, PA (1915 - 1918)  and his wife  Stella nee Marcinkiewicz; Mary  (i.e. Maria born 1863) Konstantinovich died in   Princeton, NJ on July 26th,  1916;  

in the thirties of the 20th cent.Konstantinovich Michael ( Michal),   Konstantinovich  Jacob (Jakov = Jakub) and Casmir (Kazimierz),  Konstantinovich  Boleslauf  and Eugene (Eugeniusz in the Detroit area - WJLB radio)  H. Konstantinovich and also  Anthony;   

now in USA:  KONSTANTINOVICH MATTHEUS from RUSSIA  according to US  District Court in BOSTON, MA; MARY P. born c. 1934,  Brandon Konstantinovich REGINA born c. 1925, EDWARD born c. 1924,  Steven Konstantinovich; DIANE S. born c.  1942; WALTER born c. 1968 (inf. 01 APR 2001 - 15 FEB 2004  from FORT BRAGG); K. Konstantinovich born c. 1955; Konstantinovich Aleksei -  an unknown line - in "Military Review" and "Current Digest of the Post-Soviet  Press"; MARGARET; ROBERT and Leon Konstantinovich who was born in  Baldwinville on April 28th, 1911 and resided in Baldwinville, MA.

Edward Konstantynowicz / Edward Constantinowitz, on May 18, 1896 arrived to New York, from Hamburg, Germany, was born 1874 in Russia.
Michal Konstantynowicz / Mikas Constantinowitz.

Very interesting history at on "... great-grandfather, Peter Constantinovich (Piotr Konstantynowicz / Petr Konstantinovich born probably ca 1880 / 1885, was living in Wilno / Vilnius / Vilno, ex-Polish, Russia in 19th cent.) d. early 1950s in USA... Peter was married to Mary Wasko (d. 1982?) / Maria Wasko - they may have lived in the Lowellville, OH area (suburb of Youngstown near Struthers) early in the 20th century; all remained in the environs of Youngstown - and their children were Paul, William, George, John (Jack), Stanley, Tom / Tomash / Tomasz Konstantynowicz / Constantinovich / Constantinowitz / Konstantinovich, and Virginia (adopted). ... Paul Constance (1909-1992). However, his brother still has the surname Constantinovich...".

Karol Konstantynowicz / Charles Konstantinovich b. on May 6, 1947 and died on March 12, 2007, last known residence is at Africa, but he was living and died in the United States.

At on Dawid Konstantynowicz / David / Dave Constantinovich, Managing Director, IT Customer Support Services at American Electric Power; past Managing Director, IT Infrastructure Engineering at American Electric Power; Columbus, Ohio; education - Graduate of Boardman High School, Class of 1977, University of Dayton MBA, Business Administration 1985 - 1988 and Youngstown State University BSEE, Electrical Engineering 1977 - 1981; Birth: 1959 and death: June 22, 2010; member and served as board member for the following clubs and associations: Scioto Boat Club, Columbus, OH, Association of Telecommunication Professionals, Columbus, OH, Utilities Telecommunications Council, Washington DC, Hilliard Baseball Association, and Cub Scout Troop Leader. Parents, Thomas and Josephine Constantinovich; wife Rita; children, Craig, Ryan and Kevin Constantinovich; sisters, Diane (Gary) Peterson and Karen (Douglas) Thorpe; and brother, Thomas Jr. (Cindy) Constantinovich; Kevin Constantinovich was born in 1996. Kevin currently lives in Hilliard, Ohio.
Josephine Constantinovich in Youngstown, OH. Her husband Tomasz Konstantynowicz / Thomas Constantinovich / Konstantinovich born Dec 1928. Her sister Antoinette DiBenedetto of Youngstown and brother James DiBenedetto, who was born Nov. 30, 1926, in Struthers, a son of Dominic and Julia Fabilli DiBenedetto. Her son Thomas Constantinovich was born in 1954. Thomas currently lives in Youngstown, Ohio. Josephine Constantinovich from Boardman, OH was born in 1931; residential Address Boardman, OH 44512.

Craig Constantinovich in Hilliard, OH; Cathy Constantinovich in Meadville, PA; Michael Constantinovich in Meadville, PA; Patricia Constantinovich in Saegertown, PA; Ryan Constantinovich in Hilliard, OH. Above named Rita Constantinovich - at Ohio Orthopedic Surgery Institute in Columbus, Ohio. 1978 - Cardinal Mooney High School Class in Youngstown, OH.
Constantinovich, Gennadi.
Cindy Constantinovich / Cynthia Constantinovich OH, Youngstown 7854 Huntington circle; Karen M. Constantinovich in OH; Catherine Constantinovich in PA; Thomas Constantinovich OH and Diane R. Constantinovich OH; Anna M. Constantinovich in PA; Iane Constantinovich OH, Kathy A. Constantinovich PA and Andrew Constantinovich FL.

More inf. in ''.

Stanislaus Constantinovich and his spouse: Catherine Constantinovich.

Stefan Constantinowitz / Konstantynowicz from Russia to MA on 04 November 1896, age 23, occupation Laborer, embarkation port Hamburg, ship name Phoenicia.

Andrew  Konstantinovich located in St. Petersburg - Florida; Maksymilian  Konstantinovich - Ropiewski in Colorado; Casey Konstantinovich in the  Franklin Park School; JOHN W.; TED P. Konstantinovich born c. 1921;  Chief Operations Officer in Philadelphia or Newton's Vice President of  Finance and Operations (Newton Resource Group, a digital media company based in Pennington, NJ Tom Konstantinovich; T. Konstantinovich in Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA;   FRANK; BECKY; Josephine Konstantinovich of Youngstown; EDWARD  M.; EDYTHE M.; D. Konstantinovich and WENDY born c. 1969; Lee  Michaels  (Konstantinovich) born Nov. 2nd, 1942, in Chicago, and died on  March 2nd, 2003 in   Maywood, son of Margaret and Vincent  Konstantinovich, lived in Palatine (his sisters, Bernice  Harker and Mary Lund; brother, Edward  Konstantinovich); Chris  Konstantinovich acted as CFO; according to "Social Security  Death Index Search Results" RUTH KONSTANTOWIC or probably   Konstantinovich Konstantynowicz b. Jun. 1919 and d. 1994 in New Castle,  Pennsylvania and JOHN  KONSTANTOWIC b. Oct. 1923, d. 1988; you see more  details:

November 2013 new data.

"Wilhelm (Bill) Konstantynowicz passed away in peace and with dignity, as he wished, in his home on Sunday evening October 2nd, 2005. He is predeceased by his father Kasper, mother Zofia, brothers Julius, Edward and sister Mary. A devoted husband for 54 years to his wife, Hermina; a strong and caring father to daughters Karin and Barb; a supportive father-in-law to Douglas Ford and Jeff Scott; Grandfather and Papa to Isabel, Alexander and Jessica, he is also survived by his sister-in-law Regina (Chicago), sister and brother-in-law Mila and Helmut (Australia) and nieces, nephews, cousins and friends around Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. Wilhelm was born in 1920 in the hamlet Butlerowszczyzna, Slonim, Nowogrodek Poland. During World War 2, he served as a commando with the 2nd Battalion of the Polish Corps of the British Army and took part in the Battle of Bologna. In July of 1947, he arrived in Canada aboard the Aquatania. Wilhelm retired from the CNR after 36 years of service...".


See also.

In USA: KONSTANTYNOWICZ Edward, b. 28 Feb 1922 in New Jersey, d. 12 Apr 1990 in Arizona

acc. to: Residence: 1935 - Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey. Acc. to: Arizona Obituary Archive: Edythe Mae Konstantynowicz, by Pat Wilson, of Phoenix, AZ, died on January 14, 2004 - Palm Lakes Village Clubhouse, Phoenix, Arizona. PALM LAKES VILLAGE in Phoenix, Arizona is located in the

Paradise Valley area of Phoenix;

Paradise Valley is a small, affluent town in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States.


Edward Konstantynowicz m. Helen Konstantynowicz, New Jersey, USA.

At Cook County, Illinois, Edward Konstantynowicz m. to Regina Worotynska.

Matthew Konstantynowicz and

Edythe Konstantynowicz from AZ, USA. Edythe Mae Konstantynowicz, b. 1931, d. 2004 (26 Jan 2004). Regina Worotynska, from Cook, Illinois, United States. California: Lillian Keller nee Konstantynowicz, her father Konstantynowicz, d. 1995.

In Texas: Rebecca Konstantynowicz, Waler Konstantynowicz or Walter Konstantynowicz.

Tillie Konstantynowicz, b. 1885 in Lithuania, residence: 1935 - Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey. Walter Konstantynowicz married to Lucy Konstantynowicz, he born 1889 - Poland, residence: 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.
Michael Konstantynowicz m. Josephine Konstantynowicz, he b. 1891 in Poland, residence: 1935 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Josephine Konstantynowicz b. 1894 - Poland, residence: 1935 - Philadelphia. Paul Konstantynowicz m. Eleanore Konstantynowicz, he b. 1895 - Poland, residence: 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Eleanore Konstantynowicz b. 1899 - Poland, residence: 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Lucy Konstantynowicz m. Walter Konstantynowicz - she born 1899 - Poland, residence: 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Peter Konstantynowicz b. 1909 - New Jersey, residence: 1935 - Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey. Alfred Konstantynowicz b. 1920 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, residence: 1935 - Philadelphia. Lillian Konstantynowicz b. 1920 - Michigan, residence: 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Thaddeus Konstantynowicz b. 1922 - Michigan, residence: 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Florance Konstantynowicz, b. 1922 - Philadelphia, residence: 1935 - Philadelphia. Joseph Konstantynowicz b. 1923 - Philadelphia, residence: 1935 - Philadelphia. Frank Konstantynowicz b. 1924 - New Jersey, residence: 1935 - Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey. Michael Konstantynowicz Junior, b. 1927 - Philadelphia, 1935 - Philadelphia. Stanley Konstantynowicz, b. 1927 - Michigan, residence: 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Leonard Konstantynowicz, b. 1929 - Michigan, 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Vincent Konstantynowicz, b. 1929 - Michigan, 1935 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Jacob Konstantynowicz next of kin with Casmir Konstantynowicz, Jacob b. 1871, residence: 1930 - Wayne, Michigan. Casmira Konstantynowicz m. to Jacob Konstantynowicz, she b. 1876, 1930 - Wayne, Michigan. Boleslav Konstantynowicz, b. 1878, 1930 - Cook, Illinois. Walter Konstantynowicz m. to Ludwika Konstantynowicz, he b. 1880, 1930 - Wayne, Michigan. Ludwika Konstantynowicz b. 1898, 1930 - Wayne, Michigan. Eugene Konstantynowicz, b. 1901, res. Wayne, Michigan. Joe Konstantynowicz, born 1905, 1930 - Cook, Illinois. Stanley Konstantynowicz b. 1926, 1930 - Wayne, Michigan. Leonard Konstantynowicz, b. 1929, 1930 - Wayne, Michigan. Vincent Konstantynowicz b. 1929, 1930 - Wayne, Michigan. Josephine Polishak or Konstantynowicz, m. to Walter Polishak, b. 1910, 1930 - Cook, Illinois. Bronislaw Konstantynowicz son of Patricius Konstantynowicz.
Helena Konstantynowicz m. to Bronislaw from Philadelphia.
Konstanty Konstantynowicz m. to Kamilia Eisymont in Philadelphia.
Antoni Konstantynowicz, m. to Geleczutie, in Philadelphia. Joseph Konstantynowicz / Jozef Konstantynowicz, died 1890, Illinois. Boleslaw Konstantynowicz m. Anastazya, he was son of Julius Konstantynowicz from Illinois. Stella Konstantynowicz or Konstant, died 1946 in Cook County, Illinois.
Anton Konstantynowicz m. Agnes Scott in Illinois.
Paulina Konstantynowicz m. Iguatz Konstantynowicz / Ignacy Konstantynowicz, Cook County, Illinois. Michael Konstantynomiog or Micheal Konstantynowicz, b. 1887, 1920 - Bristol, Massachusetts. Boleslauf Konstantynowicz m. Stella Konstantynowicz, b. 1875, 1920 - Cook (Chicago), Illinois. Anthony Konstantynowicz m. Helena Konstantynowicz, b. 1877, 1920 - Philadelphia. Ladielaus Konstantynowicz, or Ladislas Konstantynowicz or Wladyslaw, b. 1880, 1920 - Wayne, Michigan. Stella Konstantynowicz b. 1880, 1920 - Cook (Chicago), Illinois. Helena Konstantynowicz m. Anthony Konstantynowicz, b. 1885, 1920 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Frances Konstantynowicz b. 1901, 1920 Wayne, Michigan. Bernice Konstantynowicz, b. 1906, 1920 Cook (Chicago), Illinois. Vincent Konstantynowicz b. 1909, 1920 Cook (Chicago), Illinois. Anthony Konstantynowicz b. 1910, 1920 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Josephine Konstantynowicz b. 1912, 1920 - Cook (Chicago), Illinois. John Konstantynowicz b. 1913, 1920 Philadelphia. Theodora Konstantynowicz, b. 1914, 1920 Philadelphia. Ivan Konstantynowicz ? Jan Konstantynowicz, b. 1915, 1920 - city, Cook (Chicago). Charles Konstantynowicz / Karol Konstantynowicz, b. 1918, 1920 Philadelphia. Agnes Konstantyrowicz / Agnieszka Konstantynowicz, b. 1863, 1920 Cook (Chicago). Atone Konstantyrowicz / Anton Konstantynowicz /

Antoni Konstantynowicz m. to Agnes Konstantynowicz / Agnieszka Konstantynowicz, born 1873, 1920 Cook (Chicago), Illinois.
Paula Konstantynowicz m. Matt Konstantynowicz, or Paulina married to Mateusz Konstantynowicz. Antonina Konstantynowicz, residence Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Frank Konstantynowicz from Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Josef Konstantynowicz from Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Anna Konstantynowicz from Allegheny.

From Canada to U.S. John Konstantynowicz b. in Poland, arrived to Buffalo, New York, USA.

Stanley Konstantynowicz and Wendy Konstantynowicz m. Michael Joseph Tuten in Sumner, Tennessee. Karen Konstantynowicz m. David Keith Layman. Eugene Henry Konstantynowicz from Michigan. Bronislaw Konstantynowicz from Pennsylvania. Jan Konstantynowicz of 13 Mar 1934 in Pennsylvania. Mrs B. Konstantynowicz of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rogumela Konstantynowicz of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Michael Konstantynowicz and Ignatz Konstantynowicz from New Jersey, USA. Frances Konstantynowicz m. Joseph Konstantynowicz, New Jersey, USA. Michael Konstantynowicz from Pennsylvania, USA.
Michael Konstantynowicz Jr of New Jersey, USA. Ignacv Konstantynowicz m. Mary Konstantynowicz from New Jersey, USA. Helen C. Konstantynowicz m. Edward M. Konstantynowicz of New Jersey. John Konstantynowicz of Minnesota, USA -

all data acc. to

Alexander Konstantynowicz 1929 - 1980. Lucille Konstantynowicz m. Albert Hoffman of Cook, Illinois. Amela Konstantynowicz / Amelia of New York from Southampton, England. Antoni Konstantynowicz to New York from Southampton, England. Konstancya Konstantynowicz to New York from Southampton, England. Carl Konstant / Carl Konstantynowicz / Karol Konstantynowicz b. 14 Aug 1897 in Poland, on 28 Apr 1938 in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa. Josephine Konstant / Josephine Konstantynowicz b. 19 Mar 1905 - Poland, inf. 18 Jan 1938. Boleslaw Konstantynowicz b. 15 May 1875 in Poland, inf. 5 May 1926, arrival: 1907, and Alexander Konstantynowicz b. 26 Feb 1876 - Poland, arr. 1903, after in Illinois. Ignatz Konstantynowicz / Ignacy / Ignatz Kuntz / Ignatz b. 8 Jan 1881 - Poland, inf. 21 Feb 1924, arrival: 1905. Marion Carl Konstantynowicz b. 14 Aug 1897 - Poland, inf. 28 Apr 1938, residence: Illinois. Harriet Konstantynowicz b. 18 Feb 1910 - Poland, inf. 22 Aug 1941, residence: Illinois. Bronislaw Konstantynowicz, from Russia, inf. 16 May 1913, residence: Pennsylvania. Francis Konstantynowicz of NJ. S. Konstantynowicz of NJ. Walter Konstantynowicz of GA. Rebecca A. Konstantynowicz of AK.

Australia acc. to
Marth Emma Konstantynowicz from 1958 Werriwa, New South Wales, Australia. Teresa Konstantynowicz from 1963 Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Michael Konstantynowicz of 1963 and 1968, 1972, 1977 and 1980 from Perth, Western Australia. Teresa Maria Konstantynowicz 1968, 1972, 1980 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Irene Maria Konstantynowicz of 1972 Perth, Western Australia, Australia and 1977, 1980 Perth. Martha Emma Konstantynowicz from 1980 Prospect, New South Wales, Australia. Michael Konstantynowicz of 1980 from Prospect, New South Wales.

PIOTR KONSTANTYNOWICZ AND HIS SON VLADYSLAV BORN 1891 and others families Konstantinavičius / Konstantinavicius / Konstantynowicz / Konstantinovich
Our "lost" Konstantinavicius / Konstantinavičius branches from Lithuania at prestent:
Konstantinavicius Aurimas; Mantas; Paulenas; Tomas Konstantinavičius; Edgaras Konstantinavicius; Justinas; Rytis; Agi; Arnoldas; Karolis; Dalius; Valdemaras; Rimas; Raimondas Konstantinavicius; Robertas Konstantinavicius; Vaclovas Konstantinavicius; Zydrunas Konstantinavicius and Jonas Konstantinavicius. Rytis Konstantinavicius is living now in Poland, born 1969 in Russia, the Komi district. Mantas Konstantinavicius in UK, address e-mail and public phone: +44.07514074610. Vytukas Konstantinavicius. Karolis Konstantinavicius - ATB 'Labas Festas', Palanga / Polaga. Agata Konstantinavicius / Agi working in pottery, a public address: 57-450 Bartnica 46 in Poland. Ruta Konstantinaviciute - the Mykolo Romerio University in Vilnius, Lithuania. Mindaugas Konstantinavicius is associated with Beta Ink, Inc. with the role of President and is located in Chatsworth, CA and Los Angeles, CA; is related to Andrea Giedraitis in Los Angeles, CA. Povilas Konstantinavicius - Roma. Gus KonstantinaviciusAffiliate Manager, United States. Robertas Konstantinavicius in Norfolk. Vytautas Konstantinavicius and Edita Konstantinaviciene. Arvidas Konstantinavicius in Ayrshire. Paulius, 22 years in 2011, in Dunston 2010. Valdemaras Konstantinavicius, the Kutaisi Basketball Team. Povilas Konstantinavicius, a student at Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas, Lithuania. Arnoldas Konstantinavicius. Vytautas Konstantinavicius, Security Officer at Elior UK. Sigitas Konstantinavicius in Lietuva. Simas Konstantinavicius, around 14 years, Liberalu Centro Sajunga; Robertas Konstantinavicius, around 30, Lietuva; Andrius Konstantinavicius and Rotautas Konstantinavicius; K. V. KonstantinaviciusPublications in Chemistry.

Vaclovas Konstantinavičius of Vilniaus valstybinis universitetas in 1971.
Jonas Konstantinavičius and (Brooklyn in 2009) his family, acc. to Danutė Leonova of 2011 :
Eugenija wife, Saulius son, Audrius son, Daiva daughter, Petronėlė Konstantinavičienė mother, Steponas Konstantinavičius father, Teofilė sister, Stasė sister, Elena sister, Petras Konstantinavičius brother.
Steponas Konstantinavičius and his family: Petronėlė Konstantinavičienė, Teofilė Tamulevičienė daughter, Stasė BoguÜienė daughter, Elena Navickienė daughter, Petras Konstantinavičius son, Jonas Konstantinavičius son (in Estonia).
Povilas Konstantinavičius; AiÜkutis Konstantinavičius from Lithuania born 1977; MedvaiÜas Konstantinavičius; Lucidas Konstantinavičius; Saulius Konstantinavičius in Varėnos / Marcinkonių (Savininkas); Aurimas Konstantinavičius in KaiÜiadorių / PravieniÜkių; Sigitas Konstantinavičius in Pagėgių / VilkyÜkių; in Naujasodė, Druskininkų, Ramūnas Konstantinavičius; Evaldas Konstantinavičius; Tomas Konstantinavičius; Dalius Konstantinavičius in Vilnius; Konstantinavičius Kazimieras; Arūnas Konstantinavičius; Audrius Konstantinavičius; Arnold / Arnoldas Konstantinavicius in Marijampolės / RygiÜkių, Jono gimnazija of Kauno / Kowno.
Mečislovas Konstantinavičius in Druskininkai; Arūno Konstantinavičiaus - tel.: 8 687 10524, in Naujasodė, 32313 Druskininkų sav. (close to Druskieniki) and address: Baravykų g. 7, Druskininkų m., Druskininkų sav.; boss Ramūnas Konstantinavičius, in Naujasodė, tel. (+370) 68710524 - Naujasodė village 2 miles east of Ratnyčia; Konstantinavičiūtė Rasa.


Alice Konstantinowicz, chiropractor


Konstantynowicz Michal, departure port: Genoa, Italy on 27 Apr. 1949 - arrival port:  Sydney - Australia on 27 May 1949, details are lacking. According to "Database =  Australian Records" KONSTANTYNOWICZ Martha Emma d. Jan. 02nd, 1992 in Minto 


Argentine Republic 


Marek Konstantynowicz - "The Source and Different Cikadas", viola 

The others in the world at present:

I had been told about (details are lacking) Pyotr and Helena Konstantinowicz - unknown ancestry and also  KONSTANTYNOWICZ Cyryl who wrote "W obronie slowa"; dr. Feliks (Felix) Konstantynowicz /  Константинович, Костентинович, Костентинавич - Soviet expert of Chernobyl explosion; in Barnaul (that is near  to Nowosibirsk = Nowonikolajewsk in the middle of the 20th cent.) where Basil Konstantinowicz - rather ancestry of the  Konstantynowiczes who derived from present BUKOVINA or from Volhynia - and his wife Olga

Konferencja naukowa 22 pazdziernika 2012 - Katastrofa Smolenska 2010. Wnioski ze sledztwa. Wypadek lotniczy, jego przyczyny i przebieg - Smolensk 2010 rok. Czesc szosta.

Sledztwa polskie w sprawie katastrofy samolotu rzadowego w Smolensku w 2010 roku. Wypadek lotniczy, jego przyczyny i przebieg - Smolensk 2010 rok. Czesc siodma.

Genealogy and history of the Konstantinovich, Troubetskoy, Bagration-Gruzinski, Kalinowski, Oginski, Paszkowski, Dyuflon, Staroch Siedoch, Armand, Pociej, Radziwill and Piottuch Kublicki family in the 18th and 19th centuries in Russia, Estonia and Belarus.


Photos of the Polish noble village Miezonka - genealogy and history of the Konstantinovich family in the 19th century in Russia and Belarus. Part one.

Photos of the Polish noble village Miezonka - genealogy and history of the Konstantinovich family in the 19th century in Russia and Belarus. Part two.

Photos of the Polish noble village Miezonka - genealogy and history of the Konstantinovich family in the 19th century in Russia and Belarus. Part three.

Photos of the Polish noble village Miezonka - genealogy and history of the Konstantinovich family in the 19th century in Russia and Belarus. Part four.

Photos of the Polish noble village Miezonka - genealogy and history of the Konstantinovich family in the 19th century in Russia and Belarus. Part five.


September 2008 / 27 August 2011

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November 2013 to March 2014 - new websites on the genealogy and history of the noble Konstantynowicz family in Russia 1772 - 1918, Poland 1918 - 1939 and next at a Polish territory 1939 - 2012.

Historia i genealogia rodziny Konstantynowicz. The noble Konstantinovich family history. Switzerland, Estonia, Belarus, Poland and Russia 1772 - 1939. New! Ed. in March 2014.

Pilar Pilchau and Artuzow Frautchi: the Soviet military intelligence and the noble Konstantinovich family history. Switzerland, Estonia and the Lenin Revolution in November 1917 in Russia.

Renucci or Fraucci / Frauchi / Artuzov and the Great Purge 1937 in Soviet Union. The Russian military intelligence and the noble Konstantinovich family history. Switzerland, Estonia and the Lenin Revolution in November 1917 in Russia. Here is a key information to the genealogy of the Konstantynowicz family.

The Russian military intelligence to 1918 and radio-intelligence (Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Poland) at the beginning of the 20th century. "...August 1931 to May 1935, Artuzov was the head of OGPU foreign intelligence / INO. May 1934 until early 1937, Artuzov was also deputy head of the IV Directorate of the Staff of the RKKA / the Soviet military intelligence / later GRU (to the IV Directorate from May 25, 1934; his raport to Stalin on June 23, 1934). On January 11, 1937, Artuzov was dismissed from his position as deputy head of the Soviet military intelligence. Artuzov wrote to Stalin on January 17, 1937. Artuzov was then sent back to the GUGB NKVD, was the head of archival department. On May 13, 1937, he was arrested...".

All on the life of the noble Konstantinovich family in tsarist Russia 1772 to 1918. The Duflon and Konstantinovich Company 1892 - 1918 in tsarist Russia. The Breguet Company and Edward Brown of Clerkenwell in Russia.

Cryptography, ciphers, radio and telegraph in Sweden, Switzerland, Russia (Nobel, Damm, Hagelin and Schilling) in 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. The Breguet Company and Edward Brown of Clerkenwell.

Cryptography, ciphers, radio and telegraph. History on the noble Constantinovich family in Russia in 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. The Breguet Company and Duflon & Constantinovich Company 1892 - 1918.

The noble Konstantynowicz family in new Poland 1945 - 2013.

Breguet, Brown, Masson, Rey, Armand, Constantinowitz / Konstantynowicz, Duflon and history of research on telegraph, radio and electricity. Deka Company in Petersburg, Moscow and Zaporoze - Russian engines and airplanes.